Train till death

We believe in the power of personal ownership and daily practice of training. The greatest responsibility you have in life is yourself—every day is your opportunity to be better. Choose to challenge yourself, to overcome obstacles, and to put in the time and work that will make you a better human being. By living a lifestyle that sets you up for the long game, you will always be ready for whatever comes at you. Training till death means you should enjoy physical challenges, look for learning opportunities, play more often, and just live life to its fullest extent.

It’s a mindset

Your mindset is so important when thinking about what train till death really comes down to. Everything you do comes back to your thoughts, feelings, and habits. When you decide you want to work hard and be a better human for yourself, your family, or your tribe, the most critical part is starting with how you approach each day, your habits, and your overall lifestyle.

Take a step back and really understand why you’re feeling the way you do, what kind of thought patterns you find yourself having, and how that begins to form your daily habits. What do you want to change? How can you make change happen? Be honest with yourself. Every day can be broken down into several small goals for you to accomplish. Each of those small steps will begin to add up over time and become so valuable to your lifestyle and habit building as life goes on.

Strength and fitness

Physical strength and aptitude also begins with your mindset—some people know how to take care of their swimming pool more than they understand how to take care of their own body. Your understanding of your own habits and motivations will greatly impact how you train for strength and fitness.

Fitness is something you should learn and practice daily based on your own goals, not something you copy based on whatever the popular opinion of the week might be. Anyone can pull up a random “workout of the day” and mimic those moves to the best of their ability, but do you really understand what that workout is supposed to be doing for you? Can you tell what muscles should be actively working in order to workout effectively? Do you even know if the work you're doing is getting you any closer to the result you’re expecting to see? You should tackle your workouts with purpose and understanding, making the most out of the work you put in. This will also be your greatest tool to prevent injury or gaps of inactivity within your entire lifetime.

Be unapologetically you

Train till death also comes down to YOU. Don’t ever feel the pressure to change who you are, but be at your best self. Set goals for what you want to do and live your life how those goals align. Having a healthier, proactive lifestyle will only help you on this journey.

Want to tour more as a musician? Practice strength and the fundamentals of fitness in order to make you stronger. You’ll play longer, play better, and handle life on the road much better so you can get back out there as soon as you can.

Tattooing day-in and day-out? Healthier habits will keep you on top of your mental focus game. With proper nutrition and fitness as a priority, you’ll have the energy you need to keep making art and recover faster after long days (or nights) of working.

Want to be the best parent you can? Never forget to prioritize your own health and fitness. Lead by example by teaching the value of health and fitness. Go on adventures with your kids without needing to slow down. Enjoy making memories with your family instead of worrying whether your back will hurt tomorrow.

This is your life, and life is about playing the long game. Don’t look for shortcuts or cheats because honestly, they don’t exist. Make every day count for the days and years to come. Whatever it is you do, do it to death.

Our mission is to help individuals develop their confidence and discipline through harnessing a proactive mindset and lifestyle. Train Till Death provides a resource and collective community that’s centered around being proactive, where we aim to support anyone’s personal journey in achieving their own health, fitness, and personal goals.



“Getting better is a campaign. It's a campaign. It's a daily, a weekly, it's an hourly fight. An incessant fight that doesn't stop against weakness and against temptation and laziness.” - Jocko Willink