Blood Sweat Fearless is all about embracing the grind. We are founded by artists, makers, dreamers, and athletes that believe in hard work, discipline, and the value of actively seeking challenges.

What is this program about?

We offer an ambassador program for those that want edgier, more alternative styles to wear while helping represent what Blood Sweat Fearless is about. We thrive on creativity, making your own path in life, and being unapologetically you. We love diversity and are looking for all forms of fitness and active lifestyle inspirations to apply.

What we look for isn't about popularity or the size of your following, but instead is based on your belief in what we stand for, your willingness to show others support in our community, and how you embrace the grind.

What is an ambassador?

At Blood Sweat Fearless, we look for those that choose to pursue their own goals, work harder, and train to be better. By actively sharing with the world by you train for what it is you want to do, you can help build this amazing community.

What do you look for in ambassadors?

Our ideal candidate knows what it means to forge your own path. We love those who are active, driven, hard-working, and are engaged with their own community—both in the gym and out in the wild. Here are our base requirements for our ambassador program:

  • Must have an active social presence on Instagram
  • Instagram account should be public (unless valid reason is provided)
  • While we sometimes make exceptions for the right fit, we are generally looking for ambassadors with a minimum of 1000 followers
  • Currently own and train in Blood Sweat Fearless apparel

What do you expected from an ambassador?

Ultimately, we want you to keep being a badass. We expect you to be an active contributor in representing the attitude, discipline, and drive behind Blood Sweat Fearless.

  • Contribute by posting brand-related content featuring Blood Sweat Fearless on your Instagram account.
  • We require at least 2 posts a month (more if you want).
  • Can be photos or videos.
  • You must tag @bloodsweatfearless and include these hashtags #bloodsweatfearless #traintilldeath in the caption of the photo.
  • You agree to post clear, quality pictures that showcase Blood Sweat Fearless gear, and agree to the use of your photos across our social media and website.
  • You must agree not to abuse your personal discount on purchases. Your discount is to be used by yourself or your spouse only.
  • You must be responsive to emails or messages when in communication with Blood Sweat Fearless.
  • We reserve the right to terminate the agreement without notice if the ambassador does not adhere to all the requirements stated above.

    What will I get?

    • A 10% personal discount off any order.
    • A discount code for your friends, family, or followers.
    • A commission based on sales from our website when your affiliate link or code is used.
    • Ability to contribute to and access potential product ideas.
    • Opportunities to have your photos posted and account shout outs on our social media pages to help grow your own following.

    How do I apply?

    Tag @bloodsweatfearless and #traintilldeath when you wear your favorite Blood Sweat Fearless gear. Make sure your profile is set to public so we can find you! If we feel like you're a great fit, we'll contact you directly.

    Want to apply now? Submit your request here.