Thank you for your interest in ordering Blood Sweat Fearless at wholesale prices and quantities.

To apply for a wholesale account with us, please complete our application form here: Blood Sweat Fearless Wholesale Application

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to buy wholesale from Blood Sweat Fearless?

Anyone wanting to purchase Blood Sweat Fearless gear at the appropriate quantities can buy at a wholesale rate from us.

What are the minimum purchase requirements?

Our minimum order is 36 pieces at 12 pieces per style and 3 pieces per size. Any order below 36 pieces or 12 pieces per style will not be approved for a wholesale order and will either be canceled or billed in full at the retail rate.

What is the turnaround time of wholesale orders?

Most wholesale orders will have an average turnaround time of 3 weeks from the date of your purchase. If all items are available at our local warehouse, items can be fulfilled within a quicker turnaround.

How are the payment terms and conditions arranged?

All payment is due prior to your order shipping.

Who pays shipping on the order?

You are responsible for paying the shipping costs on all orders placed with us. We use UPS for most of our shipments. If you request a different carrier, please let us know.

Can I resell Blood Sweat Fearless gear the prices I want?

We ask that you resell our gear and apparel at the suggested retail prices we use here on our website