Individualized fitness and training with a coach that’s committed to your overall success.

Coaching from Train Till Death is way more than some workout ideas. You'll get 1:1 coaching and active lifestyle support that’s totally customized for your bad-self. What it comes down to is a real partnership with your coach to help fill in gaps in your current training, clarify the path you’re on now, and help get you to where you want to be.

Train Till Death coaching is right for you if:

  • you're ready to improve your potential both in and out of the gym
  • you’re looking for a truly custom plan that meets you where you are
  • you're comfortable with training on your own
  • you’re not seeing results in your workouts

Hell yeah, let's go

What We Offer

Custom Coaching

Work with your coach to find the right exercise plan for you. It’s like having the attention of a personal trainer, but always on your schedule. Your customized exercise plan is completely catered to your goals and the results you want to see, along with basic lifestyle and nutrition outlines to support the healthy life you want to be living. You are in the gym 5 or 6 hours a week, but your coach will be there to help you in those crucial hours outside of the gym, where mindset and habits play a key role in your success.

Nutrition Habit Coaching

Learn healthy eating by focusing on behaviors and habits. This is NOT a meal plan, a set of macros, or a 30-day weight loss plan. This is nutrition coaching for the long game. That means taking a sustainable approach to nutrition to get you to where you want to be without being restrictive. Yes, changes may have to be made, discipline will be needed, but we will learn how to balance real life and what’s on the plate while still enjoying what life has to offer. We talk through your unique situation and start to make changes based on where you are today.

1:1 Coaching + Nutrition Habit Coaching

The best of both worlds. You and your coach will meet regularly to discuss your fitness plan and programming combined with in-depth guidance on nutrition to fully support your training and lifestyle. This is for someone who really needs help on all fronts. It can serve as a kick start for 3-6 months and then can go to our regular fitness coaching once you feel comfortable on your own with nutrition.

How it works

Schedule a consultation

When you’re ready to work with a coach, you start here. Schedule a free consultation where we will ask questions and give answers.

Sign up with Train Till Death

Get signed up with your coach and go through the steps needed to create your profile where your coach will design the perfect action plan for you.

Your first day

We'll have a 60-minute video or phone conversation to get to know each other better. We’ll chat about your training background, goals, lifestyle, and craft your very own personalized program. You and your coach will continue to meet every month for ongoing consultations.

Start training

Your personalized programming will be delivered every week through a mobile app, TrainHeroic. Record video during workouts and upload them in order to get real, authentic feedback from your coach.

Keep it going

Train Till Death is about making progress for the long game, and your coach has that strategy in mind. Our goal is to help you build confidence and knowledge over time. During your monthly in-depth consultations, your coach will highlight your victories and make any small adjustments, if any are needed.

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Our Services

Custom Coaching

  • ✔️ Personalized programming
  • ✔️ Long-term fitness strategy
  • ✔️ Basic lifestyle and habit guidelines
  • ✔️ Weekly check-ins via app
  • ✔️ Monthly video consultations

Plan subscription billed $250/month
get personal coaching for only $62.50 a week

Nutrition Habit Coaching

  • ✔️ Personalized accountability
  • ✔️ Weekly check-ins via app
  • ✔️ Food and nutrition coaching
  • ✔️ Behavior and habit coaching
  • ✔️ Monthly video consultations

Plan subscription billed $150/month
get personal coaching for only $37.50 a week

1:1 Coaching + Nutrition Habit Coaching

  • ✔️ Personalized fitness programming
  • ✔️ Long-term fitness and nutrition strategy
  • ✔️ In-depth lifestyle and habit coaching
  • ✔️ Weekly workouts
  • ✔️ Weekly check-ins via app
  • ✔️ Monthly video consultations

Plan subscription billed $350/month
save $50 a month when you combine services

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get with Custom Coaching?

Our goal is to provide you with training that fits into your real day-to-day life. At Train Till Death we always prioritize strength training and aerobic training for optimal health, but how that works for you as an individual is way different from what might work for your best friend, your neighbor, or your idol. Regardless of where you are now, everything is considered and packaged into your own unique training program and schedule so you get the results you’re looking for.

What do I get with Nutrition Habit Coaching?

At Train Till Death we stand firm on healthy eating that fuels your body for the energy and strength to conquer your day or fitness goals. Nutrition coaching is NOT a meal plan, a calorie limit or set of macros to follow, or a 30-day weight loss plan. Train Till Death coaches for the long game. That means we focus on your behaviors and habits to build a sustainable approach to nutrition that will get you to where you want to be, without being restrictive. Yes, changes will probably need to be made. Yes, discipline will be required. But we will learn how to build meals and balance what’s on your plate, while still enjoying what life has to offer.

What happens when willpower runs out? Do you actually know how to grocery shop? What do you order when you go out to eat? What the hell are you supposed to be eating anyway? We will take a step back with you and go back to basics about what makes food, food. Learn how to meal prep, set up your week for success, and take a look at your biggest barriers and limiting factors to set up your environment for success.

What does personalized programming mean?

Personalized programming is a fully customized plan, designed around your own specific goals, needs, and fitness background. It is a long-term strategic plan that maps out the entire journey of where you are today and how that road looks over time in order to accomplish your goals. A personal program can also evolve and change over time as you level-up your abilities and your goals may change over time.

With your own personal coach, you’re getting a way more committed experience from someone who is invested in your lifelong fitness ambition. Your coach is there to look at what you do beyond a workout, and help you formulate a plan that will actually get you the results you expect to see.

How do workouts and my programming work?

When you sign up with Train Till Death, you’ll set up an account with us through the mobile app called TrainHeroic. This will be your one central location to view what workouts your coach gives you. Every week, your app will automatically update with your custom workouts for each day. If you need any help understanding what the movement is, there are video examples available for your reference.

After you complete your workout, you should leave comments about how you felt and what your experience was to continue the conversation with your coach. We also ask that you occasionally record your movements during workouts and upload those videos through the app to help accurately assess your progress.

How do we track progress?

Depending on your goals we have many different sets of metrics to go by. For some clients looking for weight loss or body recomposition we use photos, measurements, and bodyweight. If your goals are based on strength building or performance, we track progressions. All of this is done and monitored through TrainHeroic.

What is the weekly check-in?

Every week, your coach will send out a survey over the app, TrainHeroic, with a series of simple questions for you to answer that helps us stay on track. This survey will be a quick recap on your training for the week. It’s a way for us to monitor progress from week-to-week and give us data to talk about over our monthly consultations.

What is the monthly consultation? Why every month?

At the end of the month, we have a 30-60 minute video call or phone call to go over the data from your weekly check-ins, and discuss your week-to-week progress overall.

We believe in building fitness over a lifetime. One initial consultation at the beginning isn’t enough. It’s important to address progress, goals, and priorities as your progress through life and fitness. Goals are met, things come up, schedules and life changes. These meetings help us stay on track and adjust to what’s going on in the clients life.

Where should I train?

Simple answer? Anywhere. Your apartment, your yard, the woods, or your moms house. Fitness happens wherever you are.

A more direct answer you’re probably looking for? We suggest training in any gym you have available. Just keep it fun and keep it real. Your coach will give you workouts based on whatever resources you have available. Going on vacation, a business trip, or on a national tour with your band? Tell your coach your itinerary, and they can adjust your programming based on the hotel gym you're at, what equipment you bring with you, or if you can only do bodyweight training while on the road. We got you.

What if I don’t have a lot of equipment?

No biggie. Your personal coach will take everything into consideration when creating your personalized programming and workout plans. When you sign up, we’ll discuss all these factors in order to create your customized plan. All you need is yourself, and we can work out the rest.

What is a movement assessment for?

When you sign up, we want to make sure we have a full understanding of how you move best. Assessments are not used as a judgment tool or strictly to focus on where you are today. We use them as an important tool for your coach to be able to design your fitness programming and how we will help pave the road from where you are now to where you want to be in the future.

How do we do a movement assessment remotely?

Assessments are given to you through a series of video walkthroughs and detailed instructions to follow within the app, TrainHeroic. The app will have demonstrations and written guidelines for you to follow, including how to set up your camera position, where to place your body, what to be aware of in the movement, etc. Once you’ve completed the assessment, you will upload a video of your work through the app for your coach to review and create an in-depth summary that you will discuss.

What are basic lifestyle guidelines? Proactive lifestyle?

So think of it like this: you can’t build a house on a broken foundation. It might look great for a while, but eventually the foundation cracks and the whole house crumbles. The same applies in your training. If you want to see any kind of change or progress, you have to look at your base and your habits first.

Don’t burn through life without first understanding how you might be setting yourself up. Your coach will guide you through some basic foundations to follow that help build a better mindset for a more proactive lifestyle.

Can I book any extra time with you? What does this look like? How much?

You bet. If you find you need more time outside your weekly check-ins or monthly consultations, you can book more time at a minimal cost. We are available to help talk through any needs or questions like managing stress levels, breaking down your priorities, nutrition, or basic lifestyle guidelines at any point in your regular training. Just contact us or reach out to your coach directly for availability on added consultation time.

All consultations are done over video calls through the app, Zoom. We will book a time that works for both you and your coach. Added consultations are charged at a standard rate of $50 per hour.