Meet the founders

Train Till Death began with the combined powers of husband-and-wife duo, Lexy and Neil DeRosa. It’s founded on the idea of being a stronger human being—both physically and mentally—while never losing sight of who you are. Being a healthy, proactive human isn’t a special country club with paid admission, it’s something anyone can learn and develop a lifestyle that serves you best.

lexy derosa

Lexy DeRosa is a lifelong weirdo, artist, and founder of Train Till Death. Her personal career evolved from tattooing, to being a Creative Director within marketing agencies, over to fitness and nutrition. Lexy is currently training to complete her PN Level 1 Certification for nutrition coaching.

Early on in life, she had only been exposed to what we’re all used to seeing when it comes to being “healthy”: eat within a calorie range, follow whatever the latest diet trend says, and workouts that mean countless hours on the treadmill. After being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (an autoimmune disorder), she realized she wanted to understand more about what we think “health” really means and how the human body works beyond what we’re taught in high school. Even while taking medications, Lexy always seemed to be sick, had no energy, and felt like her body wasn’t listening to her. So she decided to stop listening to what everyone was trying to say is “healthy” and started paying attention to her body instead.

Through this journey, Lexy found a passion and mission to help others understand that being strong, fit, and healthy is different from what the general noise of the world says it is. Everyone is different and a one-size-fits-all idea of “healthy” doesn’t necessarily work for every human being. Health doesn’t have to be hard—it just means you have to spend a little time to relearn the basics of what you thought you knew.

neil derosa

Neil DeRosa is a lifelong musician, co-weirdo, and head coach at Train Till Death. His personal career as a touring musician began with endless years of practice and isolation, before finding a mission within fitness and coaching. He is an ACE Certified CPT and is currently enrolled in OPEX CCP and Bioforce Conditioning.

After decades of playing and music study, Neil began to ask more questions about how the human body mechanically works, and how to fuel properly to support his craft. After joining a CrossFit gym, Neil began to fall in love with training, not just physically, but the intent and mechanics behind it. What started as a few questions about training to his own coach, unfolded into an internship and a complete change in career. His obsession and love for fitness expression began once Neil personally experienced how training and getting a deeper understanding of movement enhanced his life outside the gym. That experience is something Neil wants to share with the world.

Neil has been coaching out of Treehouse School of Fitness (Formally NSCF) and mentoring under Neal Thompson since 2018. While there, Neil has been coaching clients in a class setting, as well as 1-on-1 personal coaching.

During the initial Covid-19 crisis, Neil’s training through the gym pivoted to a fully remote format, being able to coach each gym member and Neil’s personal clients completely online. This remote coaching included more than just daily workouts, but coaching in stress management, food behavior, sleep habits, basic movement, and everything else that was disrupted from our daily lives during the quarantine.

This experience was the light in the dark for Neil, and Train Till Death, where our mission to help people learn how to become the best version of themselves came together.

Our core values lie in working hard, being proactive, being mindful, and always being the best human you can be. We believe whole-food is the best medicine and fuel for your body, the art of cooking is something to value and enjoy, and regular training for physical fitness is what your body is built for. So set challenges for yourself, discover something new, play more often, and get out there and live. We are in it for life. We train till death.