Where anyone can train together with badass programs, coaching, and a supportive community.

A monthly subscription where you get 5x a week programming for only $30/month. You’ll train together with other likeminded people, chat with team members and coaches in our team chat, and join a supportive community to help make your training awesome!

What you get from our team training:

  • Monthly team subscription
  • Weekly training schedule
  • Exercise video guidance
  • Access to coaches
  • Committed teammates
  • Delivered through TrainHeroic app

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Team Unf*ck Your Fitness

Have you ever thought, "...Fuck. I'm not in my 20’s anymore," as you realize how much your body hurts, that hangovers last longer, and coffee just doesn't hit the same?

We all face it. We want to figure out how to get better with our fitness and take control on how we look and feel. Well, it's time to get yourself unf*cked and back to feeling awesome! Join a team of like-minded people who want to make the same changes in their health and strength, one day at a time. With the right habits and routines you’ll see yourself get stronger, gain energy, and improve your mood.

Team Unf*ck Your Fitness

  • ✔️ All levels of fitness
  • ✔️ 3 days of strength based workouts
  • ✔️ 2 days of aerobic based workouts
  • ✔️ Team chat with other members
  • ✔️ Join in on challenges and giveaways
  • ✔️ Weekly check ins with a coach

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Go Unf*ck Yourself

Frequently Asked Questions

Wait, what is this?

Think of it like a monthly subscription to get new workouts posted every week. Train Till Death coaches deliver ongoing fitness programming to keep the team working through various cycles that help get you results you want to see. Just follow along with a group of other teammates, leave comments, chat with other team members, and take part in fun challenges for the whole group.

How does this work?

You'll join our team using the app TrainHeroic, where you can manage your subscription and profile settings from there. Take your phone with you to the gym (or where ever you workout) and open your day's program to follow along.

What if I need help on a movement or don't know what to do?

We provide helpful videos to explain the movement or what proper form looks like. If you still have questions, you can always use the chat to ask questions and a coach will respond to help!

How do I track progress?

Right there from the app! You will log the weight, reps, or time you're using on every workout. Over time, you'll be able to see where you left off and even a suggestion on what to try next.

What is the weekly check-in?

Every week, your coach will send out a survey with a series of simple questions for you to answer that helps us stay on track. These will have you think about your physical goals, monitor basic lifestyle habits, and make sure you think about your recovery and mental awareness too.

Can I book any extra time with a coach? What does that look like?

You bet. If you feel like you want to check in with a coach on a 1:1 basis, you can book some time at a minimal cost. We are available to help talk you through any needs or questions like understanding your goals and how to get there, managing stress levels, breaking down priorities, and more. Just contact us at any time to find out a consultation time that works best.